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James McMillin has practiced criminal defense in Santa Cruz County since 1986. The majority of that time was in the Public Defender’s Office. He has handled every conceivable type of criminal case. From reckless driving and vandalism, drug and theft cases, sexual assault, through special circumstances murders. He has tried well over 100 cases to verdict before a jury. He has also mentored and supervised younger attorneys as they developed their own felony trial skills. He prepared and presented Continuing Education programs that were approved by the State Bar as satisfying mandatory continuing education for attorneys and taught Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at Monterey College of Law. 
If you find yourself entangled in the criminal justice system, James McMillin is well prepared to guide you through to the best possible outcome. 
James originally came to Santa Cruz in 1975 to attend UC Santa Cruz. He graduated in 1979 with a degree in mathematics and attended Law School at the University of Santa Clara while still living in Santa Cruz. He graduated in 1984 Magna Cum Laude. He and his wife married in 1980 and raised their four children in Santa Cruz, where they continue to reside.

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